Tiffany Lashai Curtis is a sex educator, award-winning freelance writer, and doula-in-training, specializing in sexual wellness, health, and culture. She has written stories for brands like Refinery29, MTV News, HelloGiggles, Lonely Planet,  Business Insider, and more. She is passionate about social justice, pleasure activism, and Black joy.


Some highlights of her editorial career include: publishing her first major reported story in 2016 for Refinery29, being published in print in The Philadelphia Inquirer in September 2018, creating a profile series for HelloGiggles for Black Womxn's History Month in April 2019, and receiving The Lenfest Institute for Journalism’s Next Generation Award in February 2020. As of October 2020, she is the the lead writer for HelloGiggle’s monthly sex & relationships column “Sex IRL”.


Her introduction to work in the sexuality field came in 2016, when she worked as a peer health advisor with the The New School’s Sex-E Collective, organizing sexual health events, and facilitating intimate conversations about sexuality and healthy relationships. 


Since then, she has been committed to radically inclusive, comprehensive, pleasure-based, and medically accurate sexuality education. She advocates for sexual liberation for Black womxn, femmes, and marginalized genders, fueled by her own journey to unlearn cultural and gender-based sexual shame. A strong belief in sex positivity and liberatory sexual practices, have served as her foundation since beginning her work as a sex educator for youth and adults in 2019.


She is currently training to become a full-spectrum doula via Birth Advocacy Doula Trainings, in order to further her commitment to reproductive justice and help support healthier outcomes for Black birthing individuals.


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